is this program right for me?

That’s a hard question to answer, so instead allow us to explain what we created this program for and what it’s meant to solve…

This program was created to give you direct access to a professional and well experienced veterinarian online in non-emergency situations for direct advice specific to the situation you’re experiencing and your horses needs. Circumstances where you don’t want to spend the money it’ll take to have to bring your horse to the veterinarian when you know there has to be a better solution you can do at home… but instead of googling it or going onto a Facebook group to speak to strangers giving advice, you’d prefer to speak to a vet you know is a professional with a great track record. One that is learning more about your horse every conversation. One that you can reach out to any time, day or night.

Let’s go over a few examples of question/answer scenarios so you can see if it’s the right choice for you and your horses…

Quick solutions to smaller problems

Live Interaction, Fast Response Time & Clear Instruction

Question & Answer Examples

“My horse injured her right front suspensory. I had it ultrasounded. I’m supposed to get it rechecked in 45 days. Is there anything that my farrier needs to do differently in the meantime?”

Answer: For suspensory injuries, it can be helpful to engage the deep flexor tendon more to lessen the load on the suspensory ligament. This can be done by removing any wedges that are on that hoof and making sure that the heels are trimmed all the way to the base of the frog… like the picture included. Also, there are special suspensory shoes that may be useful once you start working your horse again.

“My horse sat back while tied up and this happened… How should I treat this?”

Answer: As long as the horse is not bleeding from the nose or mouth, has no neck injury and is acting normal.. If you want to minimize the amount of scarring for cosmentic sake, getting your vet out within a couple of hours to suture would be ideal.

If cosmetic is not a concern… You can clean it with dilute povidone iodine solution. Get a gallon of drinking water and add about 10cc *1/3 oz) og Betadine Solution (NOT scrub) to it. You can use this with a syringe and paper towels to clean the wound. Tractory Supply carries Betadine. After it’s clean and dry, you can spray Blu Kote on it to protect the wound. If flies are an issue, Swat is a good product to put around it. Both are available at Tractor Supply.

Second opinions on radiographs can be provided if you want to just double check.
Asking advice on an existing problem you’ve seen multiple vets about. Some at home remedies for a colicking horse may be able to be provided as long as you can get an accurate heart rate.

We can’t list them all, but these are just a few examples of how the vet can help.


Dr. Keith Taraba

Dr. Taraba specializes in joint and spine, but has 20 years of experience as a vetrinarian. Including running his own hospital. He focuses his attention towards sport horses as that’s where his passion is.He is based in College Station, Texas and has been since 2018.

View his resume

What is NOT provided in this program?

  • Prescribing medications – he is not able to do this unless you are an actual patient of his that he’s seen in person within the last year.
  • Medical Diagnosis – he can not diagnose your horse based on an online conversation.  Any diagnosing medical problems would have to be done in person at your local veterinarian.
  • Emergency responses or advice – there will be times where the only solution he can offer you is to take your horse to the vet.  In emergency situations you should always just contact your vet immediately.

When signing up for this program you will receive advice from a licensed and professional veterinarian with 2 decades of experience. This advice will be purely based on the information and images provided by you.  No diagnosis can be made and no prescription medication can be prescribed.  It is ALWAYS best to take your horse to see a veterinarian in person.

Emergency Relief Fund!

10% of every membership every month is added to our brand new Emergency Relief Fund. This is a separate account where we keep funds for moments when barrel racers have an expensive medical emergency and no funds to cover it.