The Benefits of Equine Aromatherapy for Your Horse

     Humans have been benefitting from Aromatherapy for centuries, but what about our horses? Smell is a powerful sense- especially when you consider that horses that have about 500x times the number of smell receptors than humans. Horse instinct for survival relies on their smell to detect danger and move
towards water and food. But horses today also live under higher stress than in other times with pollutants and the demands we make on them. These stressors show up through moodiness, injuries and illness and not being able to offer their best. Smart owners use the power of smell to work for the benefit of their horse.

    It’s a known fact, when bodies manage stress levels better, they stay healthier, perform better and even recover better. Consider the amount of money spent rehabbing a horse after a common injury- consider
the bills, lost time you cannot get back, and the time to rebuild them. Next consider just taking that ounce of prevention to skip or reduce all the ills. We can achieve this through complementing care of
Equine Aromatherapy proactively.

   The Science of Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. It involved using the correct selection of essential oils to improve health. It works by enhancing a body’s release of stress and tension
in the muscles and the whole body. Aromatherapy can have benefits in mood, reducing pain and discomfort as well as a benefit on organs if dealing with disease recovery and prevention. This is evidenced by a growing amount of scientific literature.

  The Art and Science of caring for our horse has evolved a lot in recent years. Its great to know we can enhance our horse’s wellbeing with easy to incorporate methods that now cater to our Equines, not only to humans. Bellerophon Equestrian ( is a Canadian global company
that specializes in creating effective Equine Aromatherapy blends that harmonize tested ingredients to target three key areas with your Horse to offer them to come in balance and to reduce the effects of stress. Our formulations are tested and proven to work on horses.

   Bellerophon Equine Aromatherapy blends target core areas of focus and concern important for horse owners and their horse- 1) Performance 2) Moods and 3) Health concerns

   Equine Aromatherapy, like diet, and exercise really works best if used regularly and a little goes a long way. Consider this a small extra step that done on a weekly basis is really an investment. It can help you
strengthen- the bond you have with your horse, and it improves your horses baseline ability to weather stress moving forward, so they reduce the likelihood of an injury or illness when and if it happens.

   Equine Aromatherapy can also benefit horses through complementing recovery under care of a vet with a natural approach that includes touch and the effects of Equine Aromatherapy blends on the nervous
system. It is applied topically, not ingested and is safe for almost all horses except post-operation, on wounds. It should also be avoided in young foals and pregnant mares. Imagine something so simple and powerful using the power of your horses’ smell to create chemical changes in their system to aid
recovery and wellness.

   Another great thing about Equine Aromatherapy is that you can include it with Equine Massage, include it in grooming, or use it through light touch or just breathing in.

   To help, Bellerophon also gives you a complimentary Guide called “How to Use Aromatherapy” with your order of any Equine Aromatherapy blends that shares useful tips and tricks to be effective.
Here are a few examples of Equine Aromatherapy blends for target areas that your horse might enjoy and benefit from:


1) Focus on Improved Performance

Bellerophon’s Equine Performance blend

This blend of six essential oils is formulated to help detox and destress a horse that works
competitively with a higher need to regenerate during rest. A relaxed horse has better alertness
and performance while competing.

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2) Moods & Relationship building:

Bellerophon’s My Cranky Mare

Rein in crazy mood swings and hormonal ups and downs using this essential oil blend that
targets equine mood-balancing by calming and relaxing the nervous system. Mood balancing is
not only useful for mares, can be used with your gelding too.

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3) Complementing Health Areas:

Bellerophon has a variety of Equine Aromatherapy products suited for specific areas of concern
horses experience like: cancer, asthma, lungs & colds, hoof abscess, fever, and kidney, Colic, or GI
Health issues to name a few (please visit our website for our current offerings).
We are focusing here on Pain due to Strain or Injury blend which includes a blend of essential
oils that absorb quickly into strained muscles to relax them, and promote healing of tissue while
reducing the sensation of discomfort or pain associated with a strain for your horse both
through breathing in and local and neural kinesthetic effects. Bellerophon’s blends are intended
to complement care by a professional vet where a vet’s attention is needed.

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Don’t wait until illness or injury creeps in- Bring out the best in your Equine BFF and keep it with Bellerophon Equine Aromatherapy Blends.

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the gift of a better horse & rider relationship, equine mood, and health with Bellerophon’s
Equine Aromatherapy.

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