Aromatherapy for Ulcers & GI Health


Improve and Maintain great GI health for your horse the naturopathic way and in complement to a solid diet plan in working with your vet. This essential oil formulation specifically for the horse improves relaxation, digestion, blood circulation, and movement of bowels by reducing body stiffness, aches, and pains. Also promotes healing of infections, parasites through stimulating the olfactory senses and immune response towards better overall equine health and wellness. helps to naturally heal mucosa and skin. Not for Ingestion but for treatment through sensory massage, topical application and olfactory/ diffusion for equines. Apply a few drops to your hands for massage or into a misting bottle with warm water. Can be applied directly to your horse or via an Infusion scarf as shown on our website for a longer aromatherapy treatment as oils will not absorb into skin. Can also use it with barn safe diffuser for more global aromatherapy. Check out Bellerophon’s other Essential Oil blends designed specifically for your horse. Our products fall into 3 categories- 1) Therapeutic Equine Aromatherapy- for various conditions such as hoof ailments, allergies, coughs/ colds, or cancer, 2) Performance Enhancement 3) Relationship building/ Emotional bonding horse and rider. Contains a proprietary blend of several Grade A essential oils that have been proven to reduce the perception of discomfort in equines suffering from GI and ulcers in a naturopathic manner. Equine massage works holistically in combination with medical attention by a liscenced veterinarian. Massage on abdomen, back and can use with Bellerophon Equine Scarf. Do not use on nipple areas for lactating mares.