Chapter 1:

Online Entries

No more having to use text pre-entries and spend hours building a sheet. Use our online entries instead. They still pay you directly, we don’t accept payment on our website.

Okay, let's do it!

Chapter 2:


Using our online entries organizes everything for you on the producer side in a way that makes your life 100 times easier.
It’s customized to YOUR race!

You convinced me, let's go!

Chapter 3:


Our program automatically figures out the payout using the calculator and numbers of your choice. Know who you owe by time the last runner completes their run!

I'm ready!

Chapter 4:

Live Time Tracker

Let your racers keep track of what draw number you’re on, who’s leading in each division, what they payout amount is and etc… all REAL time! No more waiting.

awesome, i'm in!

Chapter 5:

End & Reset

We only have to build it once, and you can use it over and over again. Race changes? That’s alright, we’ll edit it for you whenever you need it!

I want to use this now!

Ready To Get Started?

Fill out the form below with all of the information and we’ll build it up for you and send it to you once it’s complete. Please be as detailed as possible when filling it out:

Producer Program

  • Please tell us what incentives you'll be using along with how many D's for each incentive and what time split you'll be using.
  • Please tell us what payout calculator you use and payout percentage for each incentive. Note: Charlie Horse is a software not a calculator. If unknown just type "custom" and we'll help you figure out your numbers.
  • Please tell us entry fees and office/arena fees. If charging per horse or per rider please include that as well. Example in the box below.
  • If you plan on using us for exhibitions too, please tell us what times you're selling, how many slots each and the price. Example in the box.
  • When would you like to turn on and off pre-entries on our website? Please include time zone. Also include what instructions you want us to give racers on how to pay you.