Custom Built Specifically for Barrel Racing Producers.

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Everything we provide is Custom made!

Your Racers Earn Money Here, Too!

Every time they enter your race online or refer a friend to join the website for free… they earn money to spend at the Barrel Racer’s Mall.

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Live Time Results

Everything is done real time

Powered by Google Sheets

Simply type in the times on your producer sheet and watch as the Live Time Tracker updates real time.It places all the racers into the correct ‘D’ and auto calculates the payout… even when there’s an empty D, a tie or only a few people placing in a D where payout needs to be adjusted!

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Online pre-entries

No more texting pre-entries

The Perfect Pre-Entry System

No need for text-in entries anymore… our online entries form will simplify your life as a producer.You can run this as a replacement for text-in entries and just send follow up instructions to your racers to pay you via “cash at show” or “PayPal friends and family”… or any instructions.No need for credit card processing fees.

It’ll automatically place everyone into the approriate class according to their online entry.

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Payout Calculators

Custom & pre-made

Build your own or use an existing

Needing a payout calculator for your next race?We’ve got some templates you can use. Type in your entry fee, added money and total number of entries… the rest does it for you!

Follow the NBHA or BBR calculators?We’ve got a template for you.Follow a different association or your own version?Great, we’ve got a custom one for you.

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Custom made to your race

YOU get a custom made sheet specific to the way YOU run your races. Create an account for free, go to your Race Builder and fill out the information… You’ll have your custom build back within 48 hours!