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Online entries, automatic text alerts to interested racers when your entries are close to opening, live time results, automatic calculators that spread out the money according to placing and so much more…


Our numbers for 2021

We launched in December of 2020… here’s what we’ve done so far in 2021:


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Online Entries

Build the race exactly as YOU want it. Whatever incentives/classes you want to offer, entry fees, added money, office fees, membership fees, custom calculators and so much more. Our race builder allows you to build it to the way you’d like it. A few highlights:

  • Offer your exhibitions online, and never oversell your time slots
  • Automatically separates entries into each class
  • Build your run order however you want, drag and drop racers into slots of your choice
Race Builder Example

Allow racers to enter your race online through this site. We do not accept payments on the site, but you can provide payment instructions on how to pay you which they’ll receive once they’ve entered the race. Some highlights:

  • Schedule your entries to turn on and off on a specific day/time
  • Interested racers can schedule alerts to remind them your entries are opening
  • Racers with questions can message you through the site so it doesn’t add to the overcrowded text messages on your phone.
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No more hundreds of text during the race asking who the fastest time is, what their current placing is, how much that payout is going to be or anything similar. Racers can track the race live throughout the competition to see where they’re placing, and what the payout is. Some highlights:

  • Everyone knows who placed where and what the payout is by time the last runners time is entered
  • If you have an empty “D” or only two people placing in a “D” that’s supposed to pay 3 the system will spread the money out accordingly
  • All your racers have to do is download the google sheets app and click a button on our site and it’ll take them to your own live time tracker
View other's live time trackers

Whether you prefer to move all communication to our website to decrease the texts on your phone or just want people who find your race on our site that don’t know you, you can communicate with them directly on here.

  • Receive email alerts every time you get a new message
  • Website notifications make sure you don’t miss any
  • Look up a racer by name and send them a message directly from your inbox if you have questions about their entry
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Learning a new system always comes with it’s challenges, but our goal has always been to simplify the life of the producer… So we are available on live chat from 8 AM to 10 PM central, 7 days a week. Have a question or need help figuring something out, our team is available!

  • Unlimited live support during your race if you face any issues or have any questions
  • All support agents understand the barrel racing sport and are US based with english being their first language
  • The founder of even monitors it and jumps in to help when needed