Good Digestive Health for Your Barrel Horse at its Best

A split second can be all it takes to win—or lose—in barrel racing. Every little thing you do to optimize your horse’s health can make the difference between finishing in or out of the money. A horse that’s digestive system functions at its best is a horse capable of running its best.

Learn why good digestive health can be difficult to maintain, the affect it has on health and performance, and what you can do to support healthy digestion despite the rigors of the rodeo circuit.

The Difficulty with Equine Digestive Health

Horses are built to live out in herds, ambling slowly across the range, constantly grazing on rough, fibrous grasses and plants. The equine GI tract naturally functions at its best in this state.

Serious training, constant traveling to new environments, and racing around barrels are significant challenges to the natural digestive health of horses. And that’s not to mention the affects of keeping horses stalled for more than a few hours a day and feeding grain in the diet.

Given these rigors, maintaining the delicate digestive balance of a horse’s gut can be a challenge. External signs that may be affected by underlying GI health issues include:

  • Ability to maintain weight
  • Ease of bending and extending, especially at speed
  • Hair/coat condition
  • Behavioral patterns like stall vices
  • Sensitivity to touch or girthiness

On the other hand, when a horse is healthy on the inside, you see signs of good health on the outside:

  • Blooms with good health
  • Is physically comfortable, especially in the belly
  • Can easily bend to both sides
  • Eats well
  • Blood work is normal
  • Performs to its full potential

Too often, we wait to address digestive health until outward signs spell trouble, and we must call our vet in. This cycle can end up on a constant repeat unless you take steps to help your horse proactively maintain good digestive health all the time. By making digestive health priority, you can break this cycle and keep a healthy, happy, successful barrel racer from the inside out.

Good Management for Your Barrel Racer’s Digestive Health

An optimal feeding and management program is a base necessity for good digestive health in your horses. This should include regular turnout, feeding multiple small meals throughout the day, providing constant access to forage, and feeding a carefully designed nutrition program that minimizes high-starch grains as much as possible.

However, a great feeding and management program alone is typically not enough to counter the digestive challenges related to training, travel, and racing. Despite giving the very best care, many owners still struggle with the gastric and hindgut health of their horses.

Many riders are finding that providing a top-quality, proven, natural digestive supplement every day gives their barrel horses the long-term digestive health they need to achieve.

SUCCEED for your Barrel Horse at its Best

Keeping your barrel racer’s digestive tract health in optimal condition is important. And with SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, it’s also easy.

Just feed one serving of SUCCEED once a day, every day with your horse’s regular feed.

This unique formula:

  • Supports key components of your horse’s digestive system to break the “problem/solution” cycle and promote overall wellness.
  • Supports the health of the entire equine GI tract, stomach, hindgut, and microbiota included.
  • Is the only product in its class with multiple patents, backed by independent research, and produced to human food-grade standards.
  • Is produced using all-natural, feed-based ingredients, so it’s safe to use alongside medications and is not a testable substance for competition.

Hear what fellow barrel racers have to say about why they use and recommend SUCCEED:

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