What Makes Different?

We are the fastest growing website online for Barrel Racers and we’re much more than just a blog. We’re a one-stop resource for Barrel Racers across the world. They use our website to find upcoming races, enter races online and keep track of where they’re placing during a race. This means that they are constantly coming to the website on a weekly basis.

Since the launch our monthly website traffic and page views have constantly increased month over month.Receiving over 50,000+ page views per month.

Producers who put on the barrel races also use our programs which are the only fully free interactive program to building, running and tracking races to exist online. They are able to use our website for their race from A to Z without needing access to any other programs or platforms.

Producers make great customers for businesses that sell arena gear or provide commercial insurance options. They are also horse owners themselves and the majority of them are barrel racers too.

Learn About Our Users from Betty

Below is the story of Betty Barrel Racer. We took our audience and created a story out of them so you can have a better understanding of who you’re advertising to.

Name: Betty Barrel Racer
Age: 32
Location: Small Town, USA

My name is Betty Barrelracer. I live in the small-town USA with my husband and two children. Though, I’ll refer to my two horses as my children too. I’m currently on the hunt for a third horse. We all live on my five acres of land, along with our chickens and two dogs. I spend most of my free time doing horse-related activities, from engaging with western fashion (I must have my Wrangler jeans) to traveling twice a week to participate in barrel races. My trusted Dodge Ram 2500 and gooseneck horse trailer allow me to travel around with my horses with ease. Despite having my trailer full of tack, the living quarters make it a relaxing place after races. I love and enjoy my horses so much I constantly buy products that will increase my horses’ performance. Making sure they are taken care of is a priority of mine as I hire a farrier to come to tend to my horses every six weeks. While also buying hay and feed twice a month to make sure they stay full and healthy.

Understanding the Numbers

Here is a breakdown of just a few numbers so you can know what you’re paying for.

Numbers below represent September 1 to October 1 2021 provided by Google Analytics, MailChimp and

Numbers are updated monthly.

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